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Essential Bible Truths for Sharing Your Faith



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Basics on How to Give Bible studies

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"I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye."

Pr. Doug Batchelor - President, Amazing Facts International

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What Our Students Have to Say

PAFCOE was a place where God took me out of my spiritual comfort that I may see what it is like living a life for Him.

Edward Stoican


Joining PAFCOE training was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. This ministry awakened my love for evangelism/missions. God used PAFCOE in preparing me to be a better witness for Christ.

Hannah Morena Dela Peña


You will have life changing experiences with God daily in PAFCOE training by surrendering yourself, asking the guidance of the Holy Spirit, witnessing how powerful our Heavenly Creator is! You will be able to learn the practical methods of Jesus how to connect with our Father, to reach out, to share the bread of life, to be the helping hand to heal the sick, and so on.

Kie Takahashi


I found this course really meaningful. It sets the tone for soul winning by insisting on how much valuable one soul is to God. It also contains basic lessons that can help every missionary be an effective tool for winning souls for Christ. Wonderful delivery by the facilitator as well as useful materials shared.

Philip Achoki


For several years after being reborn I wanted to take my knowledge and desire to witness for Christ to a more active level. Because He first loved me, I was blessed with an opportunity to attend PAFCOE’s missionary/medical ministry incredible training for 4 months in August 2016. Little did I know this would be the test of my life; a test to reveal and clarify my humanness and walk with Christ and the honesty it needed. Much was revealed, much was learned, much was unlearned too. Because of PAFCOE, God granted me success to become a speaker from the pulpit, Sabbath School Teacher, a health advocate, and to give the blessing of individual or small group Bible studies. If God calls you to PAFCOE do not hesitate as you may never see that opportunity again. I cannot wait until He uses me again.

Steve Dragoo


I praise God for this opportunity. This is one of the evidences that no circumstances can stop in pushing forward God's work.God used every possible agencies to pursue His purpose and one of these is the realization of PAFCOE's online training. The lessons are well prepared,the resources are intact and staffs are very approachable. During the training the trainess are directed to follow Bible truth alone, Christ's methods was greatly emphasized and pressures are not commonly found because it's a self-paced learning program. Christ's simplicity, His gentleness, and His love for humanity are the center of study that entices the trainees to be more submissive to the transforming power of Jesus and to take a strong hold to His promise that wherever we go, He will be with us.In John 12:32 says, "And I, If I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me."

Monaliza Cipriano

Bukidnon, Philippines