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Welcome to Amazing Disciples, an intensive, 13-week online lesson course presented by real experts in the field – the dedicated, experienced instructors at the Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism (AFCOE).

This course is excellent for personal devotions and Bible study groups as well as being the perfect tool for churches to use in training member for outreach.

The purpose of this course is to provide you affordable, convenient, and, most important, in-depth and empowering Bible and outreach training.


As a student, you’ll be able to STUDY FROM HOME, LEARN AT ANYTIME, and become a confident, EFFECTIVE SOUL WINNER in your community—or wherever God calls you to be His amazing disciple!

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Course Content

Ice Breakers!
Week 1 : Divine Commission
Lesson Content
Week 2 : Christ’s Method Alone
Lesson Content
Week 3 : Our Greatest Need
Lesson Content
Week 4 : The Evangelism Cycle
Lesson Content
Week 5 : Friendship Evangelism, Part One
Lesson Content
Week 6 : Friendship Evangelism, Part Two
Lesson Content
Week 7 : Giving Bible Studies, Part One
Lesson Content
Week 8 : Giving Bible Studies, Part Two
Lesson Content
Week 9 : Answering Objections
Lesson Content
Week 10 : Gaining Decisions for Christ
Lesson Content
Week 11 : The Gospel Presentation
Lesson Content
Week 12 : Nurturing New Believers
Lesson Content
Week 13 : Reclaiming Missing Members
Lesson Content
Finish Line

Dedicated and Experienced Instructors

International speaker and author Doug Batchelor is known and loved by millions for his engaging style, spontaneous humor, and clear teaching of bible prophecy. His Amazing Facts TV programs are seen weekly on satellite and cable networks such as USA, Lifetime, and TBN. Through the national Bible Answers Live radio broadcast, he has helped countless people around the world understand the Scriptures for themselves.
Doug Batchelor
Pastor Marshall McKenzie serves as the AFCOE (Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism) Director. In 19 Years of ministry, his broad ministerial experience includes pastoral, public evangelism, publishing, and international mission work. Marshall’s work over the years has enabled him to communicate his love for Christ and His truth through preaching, teaching, and training others to share their developing love for Christ. His greatest desire shines forth in presentations, and conversations, which is to prepare generations for the imminent return of Christ. His greatest joy is in watching individuals grow personally in their biblical knowledge and grow others in theirs.
Marshall McKenzie
Daniel grew up fascinated by the fictional battles between superheroes and villains on TV and in comic books—leading to deep questions about his place in this world. He finally found answers in the Bible, which revealed the true war between good and evil. Daniel has since dedicated his life to sharing the truths of Scripture and equipping churches through revivals, evangelism training, and prophecy seminars.
Daniel Hudgens
Pastor Jëan Ross serves as the VP of Evangelism for Amazing Facts. Along with Pastor Doug Batchelor, he co-hosts the popular radio program Bible Answers Live. After 18 years in pastoral and lay-evangelism training, and with his passion for spreading God’s Word through public outreach, Pastor Ross created the Empowered Church Program, a dynamic resource that helps local churches prepare for public evangelism events. In addition to his Amazing Facts responsibilities, he is also the administrative pastor of a fast-growing church plant in the Sacramento area. His insightful and Spirit-filled presentations on church health, evangelism, Bible prophecy, and practical godliness are inspiring and engaging.
Jëan Ross
Born and raised in Northern California, Carissa McSherry has spent the past 5+ years traveling as an evangelism speaker and teacher for Amazing Facts. She is currently enrolled in a chaplaincy program. Carissa is deeply passionate about ministry, particularly overseas, and will (almost) never turn down a great adventure!
Carissa McSherry
Chuck Holtry’s years of experience in education and his passion for the Bible help to create a unique seminar experience that offers you more information about Bible prophecy than you’ve ever learned before. Even better, you’ll find his riveting, interactive presentations leaving you with a big desire to keep learning more. In his Bible teaching career, Chuck has taught children and adults on four continents, helping them find hope, courage, and a greater understanding of the most mysterious, controversial, and confusing passages found in the Bible. As a seeker of truth himself his whole life, he has the background and skill necessary to break down complex Bible subjects into simple, step-by-step lessons that will help those with even little or no background with the Bible easily and quickly grasp crucial information.
Chuck Holtry

Frequently Asked Questions

The course starts when you enroll. It is a completely self-paced online course with guidance and instruction to help you stay on target to completion.

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First, there is interaction inside each week's lesson. You'll also gain access to our exclusive PAFCOE online Facebook group, where you will have an opportunity to interact with fellow students enrolled in the course. Third, you'll be invited to our live Q&A sessions streaming on Facebook, geared specifically toward our online students!

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